Friday, March 1, 2013

Relaxing in the North

   We have a friend visiting, so we planned a trip for him to see the North of Thailand.  Our favorite hang-out in the North is a sleepy, bohemian, little town called Pai.  A lazy river skirts the town, and rice paddies and gorgeous mountains surround it, although this isn’t the best time of year to see it in all its green glory.  But even minus nature’s finery, the town itself is a draw.  Though tiny in size, it is brimming with creativity and atmosphere.  It has been a hippie haven for years and fosters many artists, musicians, and yogis.  The town motto is “Do Nothing in Pai,” and they got it exactly right.  A typical day includes reading a book by the river or in one of its artsy coffee shops, going for a bike ride or elephant ride, taking in a yoga class, and getting a $6 massage.  At night, the streets turn into a market where local artists hawk their paintings, photographs, handmade jewelry and clothing.  To finish the evening off, people kick back in one of the rustic bars to enjoy live music so good it seeps into the soul. 

   Do nothing in Pai, my favorite thing to do.

our cottage

a cute coffee shop

traditional water jug for thirsty passers-by

artist patiently waiting for customers

lively shop

postcard shop

Thai-style dinner

my happy place


  1. Can this be my happy place too? I am trying to convince my mom we need to visit Thailand when Elena is old enough :)

    1. Absolutely! I support the plan fully!

  2. I'm enjoying all of your latest blogs and I think I've just added Pai to places I'd like to experience in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Chas, I think you and Pai would definitely get along! :) My pleasure to share. Thank you for joining me!