Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chinese New Year

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year.  (It's based on the lunar calendar, so the date always changes, but it usually falls in February.  This year it was February 10.)  Although Thailand has its own calendar and celebrates its New Year in April, many Thais are of Chinese descent.  So while Chinese New Year is not a national holiday, it is widely observed and celebrated in Thailand.

This New Year, we enter the Chinese year 4711, the year of the snake.  According to the Chinese zodiac, the snake year is a time for steady progress and attention to detail.  Focus and discipline will be necessary for success in one's goals.


toy dragons
street festival

The Chinese love their duck.

Texas Suki - a Texan/Japanese/Thai restaurant

me and Dane under the lovely red lanterns




  1. Wow these photos are spectacular! Year of the snake huh? I think I've had enough steady progress and discipline. Im ready for some fun, think year of the horse will deliver? I'm really enjoying your blog, hope to see more posts soon!

    1. Thanks for the photo compliment. Ha ha, I understand your sentiments on the year you've had. The year of the horse is supposed to full of energy, so hopefully your fun is on its way!