Monday, February 4, 2013

A Hodge-Podge of Decoupage

Before I move on to new projects, I wanted to share my workspace and a few recent creations.  These weren’t made for my shop, just some home projects.  But I was pleased with the results and thought other crafters might enjoy the ideas.

I had some organizers I liked to keep on my table, but they were cheap, plasticky and rather bright and ugly.  I thought about stowing them away in a cabinet, but it is so handy to have them right there at an arm’s length when I’m working.  So I decided they needed a make-over. 

I didn’t think to take a “before” photo, but the drawers started out basically looking like this hot pink thang.

I removed the drawers and spray-painted them black.  Then after they dried, I decorated them with some Thai designs using a gold paint pen.  


The spiral and squiggly line symbol is called an “unalome” and represents the attainment of enlightenment.  The zig-zag shape evolving into a straight line mirrors one’s path coming into focus, when one has ceased to be diverted and is now on a direct path to Nirvana.  The other symbol that looks sort of like a 3 is Tibetan writing for “Om” or “Aum,” the sound often chanted during yogic meditation.

Unalome and Om

Other Thai motifs

 The top of the drawers had a bright pink flip-down lid.  Rather than trying to spray paint this, I decided to cover it with decorative paper.  I used some beautiful Thai wrapping paper that depicts traditional Thai life.  I adhered it with Mod Podge and then applied a topcoat to protect it. 

I used the same paper and technique on a pencil organizer, then trimmed it with ribbon and decorated the top with the gold paint pen.  (Yes, I know it is really a toothbrush/toothpaste bathroom organizer, but it works great for pens and scissors.)

The Final Set

My Work Table

 I even used this decoupage technique on our reading lamps.  Again, they were rather bright and gaudy but had been the only colors available when we got them.  So I picked out some paper and went to work on them.  For Dane’s, I found an image of an old map online and printed it.  For mine, I used an old postcard and clippings from Victoria Magazine.  And Voilà!  

What can’t Mod Podge do?


  1. What a transformation! I loved learning about the meaning of the symbols too on the storage unit. My favorite though is the lamp at the end, that would look great in my sewing room!! I can't wait to see more of your creations. Great job on the blog, btw its gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much! The latter lamp was my favorite too. It was for my beside, so I decided it was ok to girlie it up! ;)