Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Wear Thai Fisherman Pants

   I know Thai fisherman pants can look a bit confusing if you have never worn them before, but they are really easy to put on once you try it a time or two.  To help you out, I thought I'd show you the two common ways they are worn.  Here's a step-by-step video of both.

For a higher quality version of the video, you can view it on Youtube here:

 And here's a step-by-step image of my favorite way to wear them.
1. Pull pants out to one side, and hold against hip.
2. While holding against hip with one hand, fold excess pants across front of body.
3. Hold the fold in place while reaching for one tie behind you.  Pull string to front and hold with the folded part.  Then reach back with your free hand and bring the other tie forward.
4. Tie wherever you like...on the hip, or at the center, or cross and wrap strings and tie at the back (if strings are long enough).

Now you are ready to relax, meditate, or do some yoga in divine comfort!  Enjoy!

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